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What’s “NOT” wrong with this world

People were complaining in past, people are complaining today and will be complaining in the days to come. Are we really living in a society  where morals, believes, trust is just becoming a memory in our mind and if I look around myself… my family, friends, colleagues and another random stranger whom I meet on the street, they all complain and their grudge for the society we live in, is somewhat  true. But we are still surviving, we still finds happiness in small things we adore, we try to find reasons to make us happy, we celebrate, we cherish and we love. So hope is still living inside us.

So why this anger, why this grudge, why we think everything is wrong with this world.

Well guess what I don’t.

“Most modern freedom is at root fear. It is not so much that we are too bold to endure rules; it is rather that we are too timid to endure responsibilities.”  ― G.K. Chesterton

Few days back I was watching a video on facebook of Prince Ea, about saving the Amazon forest, it’s trees and it’s natural beauties. Which we are destroying pieces by pieces just for our own profit and we relate this destruction as progress. The message he was trying to convey in his video was simple, that truth can be denied but cannot be avoided. So it’s time to take a step, it’s time not to think what is done and feel sorry about it, so don’t be sorry but take a stand, it’s not too late and it’s never too late.

What's "NOT" wrong with this world - Without integrity and honor having everything means nothing

Seems like a prevailing world and full of opinionated people who believe things are off beam, without accepting the change, they try to mould the society with their morals and believes, and ignoring the fact that they are a part of it. So education plays an important role and one should educate to make a change in society.

I am not trying to change the people I am trying to make them see the world with my perspective. Because I think this is an incongruity and it is causing unhappiness among us and the perspective of what people think and the reality is different.

“Robert Kennedy once said that
Few will have the greatness to bend history
But each of us can work to change a small portion of events
And in the total of all those acts
Will be written in the history of a generation.”

See this world as a vivid and beautiful place. The evil and the suffering in this world is a reality and cannot be ignored, people are dying of diseases, there is war and murder, there is harassment and abuse. But why all this? Have we ever pondered upon, have we ever tried to make things change, it’s not a work of few until we all stand against it.  Why someone commits crime, is it because he/she is evil by birth, NO! there could be millions of reasons why someone did this or that, might be ignored when was a child, neglected and not loved, might be a poor who is hungry for days and now surviving instinct has taken over him. If we understand the nature of that act then we could apply better reasons to it and can even make it better, as we all are blemished beings and that’s what make us beautiful and human.

I am not a perfect being, I accept my failures and all the mistakes I have done in life, and without just making prompt judgements about others, try to comprehend the facts and reality and that’s what make you and me a wonderful creation.

If you are happy then be it and if not then it’s time to think what not wrong with this world and try to see all the happy moments you had or will have and just be happy with it and be thankful.

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