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Secret to happiness and successful work and life

The world is changing fast; this world is not we used to know years ago, people are getting into fast paced moving life. And with this hustle and bustle of each day we seek happiness, peace and relaxation. So do we really believe that we work to become happy or is it vise versa ?

Happiness has no price tag

“What makes people truly happy is how they live ‘inside of themselves’” Dan Baker

Happiness is not something that you can earn and money cannot buy you happiness. One can buy small things and still be happy. And I believe happiness equals success, you can be successful if you are happy. And we should seek and try to be happy in whatever we have this moment and be thankful. If you want enduring happiness and satisfaction, you should approach life with a positive mindset that would allow you to walk the bright side, no matter what life throws at you.

Success Happiness


Embrace your past, even the most worst moment from your life, that’s what makes you strong and believe that something good will come out of it. That’s what optimism is all about. Think positive to achieve positive in your life. List out your past and seek opportunity to make it a better present.

Know yourself

Don’t get suppressed by the society, peer pressure and other negativity which leads toward anxiety. One should not deny his/ her true self, which makes it difficult to focus on what is important for their pursuit to happiness and success.

Knowing yourself is important and if you do then you would know what makes you happy and you can endeavour for it.

Traditional vs Modern work/life patterns

Informative comparison I came across the internet and would like to share. If we follow accordingly we could make a difference in our life.

Traditional work/life pattern Modern work/life pattern
1. Work for an employer – live for the weekends and holidays – worry a lot and be generally unable to control your own destiny. 1. As soon as possible, work for yourself or for decent employer(s), doing various things you love – (tip – you might need to re-discover what you really love).
2. Maybe start your own business still doing something you don’t enjoy and continue to worry and work slavishly. 2. Progressively ease off working to spend more time learning and enjoying new things – some of which will become new work.
3. Retire on a reasonable pension at 60 or 65, or 55 if you are lucky – continue to worry, and now add feelings of regret and maybe even bitterness 3. Don’t worry about retirement because it can actually kill you (the worry and the retirement), and the pension system is shot to pieces anyway – try to save, but most importantly stay happy and productive.
4. Rapidly decline due to lack of stimulus and die quite soon. 4. Keep learning and developing and doing new things – eat well, keep fit, and be good to people.
5. What was the point of it all? 5. Live long and happy – still working a little and always learning and enjoying new things.

Healthy lifestyle

“The groundwork of all happiness is health” James Leigh Hunt

Take care of your health, exercise regularly, take time out to relax and spend it on what you like to do most. Our mind and body are interlinked so spend time in grooming yourself from neck above and below for the sake of happiness. Health doesn’t mean being fit but being able to live fully.  According to Northern Arizona University researchers just ten minutes of exercise is required to change mood.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” Buddha

What’s the purpose

“Successful people know what to do and when to do it” Jolene Church

Having a vision, goal and purpose in life is important, that’s what motivates you to move further in life and provide happiness, which leads toward success. A purpose can be anything, which you admire and want to live for because it gives you something positive to focus your life on.

Secret to happiness and successful work and life -Buddha life Quotes

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