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Business Blogging

Prior discussing business blogging, one should be aware of the difference between regular and business blogging. And yes they both are different.

Creating content is an act of blogging and posting it on your website’s blog is a blog post. So now the big question, what actually business blogging is? Well it’s not a hobby like many people have personal blogs, neither it is a primary way your business makes money (not your entire business). Business blogging is simply a marketing platform just like a social media, which helps to support, the growth of the business. It works by driving traffic to your blog/ website and presents opportunity to covert that traffic to drive more business. In short, business blogging is a way to target your audience and generate new customers/ leads for the business.

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Business Blogging, Why?

How will you define your blog/ website as a marketing asset, only when people can actually see it and a good way to do that is to make your blog/ website available in search engines. The theory is simple, the more pages your blog has, and it’s likely to be ranked / displayed in search engines.

Blogging for Business

Business blogging is an easy platform (a direct communication channel) to connect with your customers and sharing relevant information. Search engines adore precious contents and surely recompense you for it and your blog/ website fuels SEO. According to HubSpot’s survey 59.99% of the businesses acquire more customers by blogging.  Your blog/ website is the heart of your content marketing effort and it definitely gives your company a voice by creating a platform for its target audience and to gossip about new services, products and market trends. Also helps your brand to gleam and show the customers what your brand is all about.

A blog persuades interaction, feedback and comments thus creating a two way interaction platform between industry peers, customers and prospects. Also helps in creating free public relationship by sharpening the focus of the business.


  • In order to stay ahead, keep yourself updated about the trends, news and competitors.
  • Interact with your customers, reply their comments. Enlighten them why you are in this business and what can you do to help them.
  • Build a schedule and work on it to provide meaningful content. Every post you publish is an asset that will help in long terms to build your brand and providing it awareness. In short, it is a free cost effective marketing investment.
  • Google analytics – provides insight, popular posts, track readers.
  • Be original, do not duplicate. Similar content will affect your ranking and will impair your overall SEO.

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