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Writing is an art and used wisely, your words can change many thoughts and even emotions!!

Blogging is sharing, some share their thoughts whistle some share their emotions. Blogger’s job is not easy, compared to any writer has. Blogger is a creative person who has vivid ideas, new and fresh contents to blog about.

I wouldn’t be honest with you if I would say that blogging is easy. It’s really hard work and commitment. Bloggers need to have a vision and he/she must think out of the nutshell, continuously coming up with ideas is hard work and time consuming. But nothings impossible in this world, if you think you can do what others can do, you just need to have that attitude, you should have your own persona and most importantly never ever give up on yourself, no matter what others say – JUST BELIEVE in yourself.

My first ever post is about these ideas, which helped me to take a stand in writing, helped me to understand, broaden my horizons and motivated me to blog.

Let’s take a look at some important points/ ideas which will help you to fill the empty glass.

BLOGGING! TOP TEN IDEASBlogging top ideas

  1. Useful tip to start your blog

When starting something new, it is very important to do your homework first, no one is born an expert so it is very important to do research. Which is in my opinion should be your first priority and try to learn from your own past and other’s mistakes, remember!! a winner today was a failure in his / her past, didn’t mean that you should give up that easy, but your failures should always be your motivation towards your success.

Here is one post, which I found very intriguing and would like to share with you.

Don’t Let This Happen To You  (Yaro Starak)

  1. Steal ‘em!

Some important don’ts every blogger should follow  …

Don’t plagiarize | Don’t cheat | Don’t steal

Be original of what you want to say and just process your thoughts and write about it, at the inception if you feel lost or stuck, doesn’t mean you should copy and paste someone else’s material or work. Google the idea you want to blog about, visit and source your favourite blogs, list down your favourite posts, make a note and write about it! by giving it your own charm, your own touch, like you own those words.

Always remember if you copy any work or idea, at least you should have the courtesy to praise the author, try to give credit to original writer. I stole the “Steal ’em” idea from Bryan Hutchinson who got his inspiration from Jeff Goins.

  1. Read & write reviews

If you are new to writing, try to read critiques about books or movies, will help you to learn how others are sharing their views, how they are moulding their words into action and making them standout critiques which enable the readers to decide which movie to watch or which book to read. Once you are familiar with the format try to write your own review and one day, you never know, maybe you will become yourself an expert reviewer (respected or hated).

  1. Ask Google

Google blogging topics

Don’t be afraid to ask, it’s not easy to come up with a new idea, so just Google your thoughts and it will help you to process new ideas. If you are stuck in middle of something, try to ask Google.

Here are few lists of posts / ideas, which helped me and hopefully will help you from a novice blogger to an expert writer

  1. List it out

What If You Have No Ideas At All?

List your niche. Whatever you fancy write about it, like your favourite book, movie, celebrity / artist, music, hobbies, passion etc ..

It’s easy to write about something you have interest in. Because my personal believe people tend to share much about something they had experienced themselves.

  1. Ask the reader

If you want to come up with a new ideas just ask the reader what they want or like to read. It’s a good practise to ask and do research on what’s hot in the market. It will not only helps you to come up with new ideas but will also helps you to maintain and generate more traffic for your blog.

The best way to find out the opinion of others is from the comment section of your own or others blog.

  1. Piggyback on trends

What’s hot right now? Confused, have no vision of what is going on and what is trending. In order to find out, what topic is hot in the market, what the reader would like to read about.

Here are few basic tools, which will allow you to spot the opportunity.

  • Google Trends Tells you what people have been searching for online recently
  • Gives you the worldwide trends in what people are tweeting
  • Shows you the people’s news (TM) stream
  1. The best kind of post

It’s a question every blogger ask himself, the answer is simple the best post is which will intrigue your readers to read more of your posts. The idea is simple and easy to implement, but requires a little more effort from your side as well. The best way to achieve this is by linking your old posts in your new ones, try to find out what is related to what and just provide a hyperlink in your latest posts.

  1. Interview the Expert

This is an idea many bloggers / experts have advised in their post and its really helpful. As human beings we all have limits, sometime people get stuck in middle and the brain stops signalling new ideas, so try to borrow someone else’s brain. The idea is to interview the experts / fellow bloggers whom you admire or who writes about closely related topics and the simple way to achieve the interview is by just asking them.

Remember the most important part here is what you are going to ask them, so be prepared and outline few questions before hand.

  1. Dos and Don’ts of blog writing

Blogging dos and donts

  • Be relatable, be yourself
  • Use links within your posts
  • Include images
  • Respond to blog comments
  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and anywhere else you can
  • Limit your word count
  • Make grammar mistakes
  • Be negative
  • Write long paragraphs
  • Avoid trying new things
  1. Bonus
  • A new tool to create images for your blog – PABLO
  • Social Media Tools for Small Business – click here
  • Beginner’s Guide to SEO on – click here
  • Link analysis – did you know how easy it is to see what posts are trendy on your blog and others. Using Open Site Explorer‘s “Top Pages” function you can get some interesting statistics on which pages on any given site have the most links from other websites.

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