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Apple Watch – Everything About It

Apple is known for its innovation, technology and sleek designs. Yet another, design bomb is soon going to be dropped by Apple, this April 10th 2015, when the all new Apple watches will be available for pre order and will be releasing on April 24th 2015.

apple watch


What is Apple watch? What makes it different, from its competitor’s watches such as Google Android wear device and Samsung gear. Well Apple claims that, it will be entirely a new way to keep in touch. Will this gamble be successful as the rest of Apple’s products; well we can just wait and watch until its release.

Well here is what you need to know about Apple watches, that there would be thousands of applications accessible via Apple watch such as digital touch for sketching pictogram-messages to friends, two fitness apps, a number of customizable watch faces, Maps, Apple Pay, and a friend dial to interact with your loved ones. c|net

What will be the cost of Apple Watches?

According to cnet, the price of apple watches differs accordingly. Starting from $349 to $17,000 because of its bands and 18-karat gold model.

apple watch


Initial availability

It will be launched in nine countries, which also includes China, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan and France.

Versions of Apple watches

Three versions of Apple watches, featuring same rectangular display, curved design and technical specs. Only differentiation would be bands and the material of the watches. All three designs are available in two body types/ sizes i.e. 38mm and 42mm, categorized according to women and men wear.

Apple Watch Sport Apple Watch Apple Watch Edition
Fluoroelastomer (synthetic rubber) band, and has an aluminum-alloy body (silver or space gray), Ion X-strengthened glass and composite back. It costs $349 for 38mm, or $399 for 42mm sizes. In Australia, the pricing runs AU$499 and AU$579; £299 and £339 in the UK. Stainless steel with a sapphire crystal and ceramic back. There are two colors (steel and space black steel), and a number of pre-packaged or separately sold bands. It starts at $549 (38mm) or $599 (42mm). Depending on which one you pick, you could pay anywhere from $549 to $1100. In Australia, pricing starts at AU$799 and goes up to AU$1,629. The UK starts at £479 and runs up to £949. 18-karat gold (rose gold or yellow gold) body with sapphire crystal and ceramic back and starts at $10,000, with options ranging all the way to $17,000. That is AU$14,000 to AU$24,000 and from £8,000 up to £13,500 over in the UK.


What makes Apple watches different and its specifications?

It is not round, like other available android wearable watches. Interaction is via swapping, tapping and by side corner buttons. The quality of its build is better than the LG G watch R and Moto 360, the quality of bands are noticeably expensive. The two corner buttons are sleek small shape and digital crown, which acts as a scrolling function as well. Display is activated by tapping screen and mini apps are accessible by swapping. By double clicking the smaller side button, activates the Apple pay option. Smart watch faces are more diverse and attractive on Apple watches.

There are some features, which definitely gives Apple an edge in smart watches industry, such as mobile payment support and taptic engine provides subtle vibrations. Also includes force display, if tab harder it will activate different functions.

Digital crown button also used as a scroll wheel allows pinch to zoom in app functionality. Apple claims that there watches are more communication friendly by providing functions such as friend dial, which allows to communicate with your loved ones and by using direct communication app “Digital Touch” allows to scribble emoticons and send vibration love tabs and audio voices.

Apple watches allows you to keep track of your fitness, records movement, monitor heart beat and estimate calories burn. The two-fitness app functions separately as one track activities like calories burns and moderate exercise, whilst other monitors heart rate during activities such as cycling and hiking. Moreover, the battery life is estimated by Apple is roughly around 18 hours.

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