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Android and Apple – Assessment

Without a doubt both Android and Apple have gained their niche. When comes to mobile users there are two clusters one is Android and the second is Apple iPhone. Both are unique in their own ways and with their own best features, it’s hard to deny the fact both are worth it among their respective users. The argument among the Android users and Apple iPhone has no ends meet. This post is to narrate some facts, as Android and iPhone both are superlative with its features and they do have some side effects with some particular aspects.


An Android user can enjoy full functions/ features of Google play while there is a restricted limit for iPhone users.  

Android and Apple Assessment - Google Play

App store was started years ago in order to cater iPhone users, which became a platform of all your favourite and daily usable apps with 1.3 million apps, while Android users have only access to 1.2 million apps.Android and Apple Assessment - apple store
Android messaging is segregated which makes it user friendly. Folders are created and arranged according to the message threads.Android and Apple Assessment- Android Messaging With the help of data connection or WiFi, iPhone users can send messages to other iPhone users and it’s similar to any text messaging app.Android and Apple Assessment - iMessage iPhone
Different ways to lock the devise been introduced by Android, includes patterns, digits and face unlock. Also can use four to twelve digits password and can choose different designs for pattern unlock.Android and Apple Assessment - Android Pattern Lock iPhone proved to have the best safety measurement, they also introduced the fingerprint locking system. There are chances of malware functions in Android but that’s not the case with iPhone.Android and Apple Assessment - iphone security
The phone will work accordingly as your wish. Different user-friendly options are available to cater individual needs, customisation is also kept very simple in Android, and you can prioritise your home screen as par your wishes.Android and Apple Assessment - Android Lollipop Interruptions settings Operating system in iPhone is kept simple for the developers and users. When a person switch to iPhone from Android, yes there are couple of weeks to deal with new interface but once acquainted properly the user’s starts enjoying it.Android and Apple Assessment - iPhone5 iOS7
Other functions that an Android user can enjoy include different verities of themes, wallpapers which could be customised according to the need. Notification bar provides a user-friendly interface which is arranged automatically in ascending order. Comparatively picture management is easy in Android than iPhone, automatically creating folders according to time, date and size.Android and Apple Assessment - Android

iPhone are always up to date when a new software been introduced. While in Android, users have to keep updating it all the time. When we talks about media, Apple provides an excellent platform to download different variety of games, music, videos and many more. The number of adverts that pops in Android mobiles are very scarce in Apple iPhones.

Android and Apple Assessment - Apple

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