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AlKaram Brings BIG FRIDAY Sale with FLAT 50% OFF

All you need to know about the AlKaram Big Friday Sale

The Black Friday fever has gripped the country. Everywhere you see, you will find black Friday sales and their variation, the blessed Friday sales. Either way, this tradition from America and other parts of the world has slowly seeped into Pakistan and made itself home here.

What is the Big Friday Sale?

Joining the bandwagon is fashion brand AlKaram which draws humongous crowds anytime it puts up a discount. AlKaram has had an amazing run this year in terms of sales. The brand displayed some stellar designs and received their due appreciation from customers. In order to show their love and appreciation to their customers for supporting the brand, AlKaram is going to launch its Big Friday sale this weekend. The brand is going to have a huge blowout sale with exceptional discounts.

What does this sale offer and when does it start?

Customers are going to get three days to take advantage of this sale as this sale starts on 24th November and ends on 26th November. The Big Friday sale will have Flat 50% off on Home and Ready-to-wear (Kids, Men and Women) and Flat 30% off on Unstitched Fabric at AK Studio and AK Fabric. Both the AlKaram stores AK Studio and AK Fabric will have all their items be put on sale.

Is the discount just in-store or online as well?

However, you have not yet heard the most amazing part about the sale. If you do not like big crowds and the agony of getting to the store and realizing that your favorite piece has been sold out, then you can avail this sale from the comfort of your home too. The Big Friday sale is available online for delivery. The delivery is applicable not only nationally but internationally too at If you visit the Alkaram website and pay for your purchases through Easypay then you will be able to avail an additional discount of 5%.

How can you avail this discount?

Availing the discounts being offered on the Big Friday sale is an amazingly easy task. You just need to find your nearest store and visit it to get a hold of all your favorite pieces.
If you want to know the locations of the AlKaram stores (AK Studios and AK Fabrics) then head on over to to locate the store of your choice.
You can also take the easy and laid back route by visiting
to shop from the comfort of your home.

So clear out your closets and load up your wallet because you do not want to miss this incredible chance. Sales like these do not come often, so you need to be ready to avail this amazing offer.

Enjoy fabulous #akStudioBigFriday sale.

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